Dr. Sahid Cholayil

(Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director)

Shamseena Anakkayi

(Director - Finance)

Vikram Jindal

(Director - Process & e-Learning)

Dr Jayakumar Singaram

(Director - Innovation & Analytics)

Irfana Izzath Cholayil

(Director - Intelligent Designs)

Prof. T P Sharafudheen

(Director - Strategy & Resources)

Joe Mohan

(Executive Director)

Aslam Munanbath

(Director - Global Affairs & Corporate Relations)

Dr Sridhar Mitta

(Advisor, R&D & IT, Mission 3G)

Dr. Galen Loven

(CEO, Inspire CUP)

Anuj Ahuja

(CEO, Life on Learning)

Chinmay Ananda

(Financial Educator, Finance Academy Australia)

Raul V Rodriguez

(Intelligence Consultant, Interpol)

Hemant Swaroop

(Project Management, Harvard University)

Indranil Gupta

(Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Abdul Salam Mohammed

(Advisor, Mission 3G)

Rariyam Kandathvasanth Kumar

(Advisor, Mission 3G)

Zaban Ahammed

(Secretary, 3G Institute of Research & Policy Studies)

Salma Mahmoud

(Global Education Counselor, British Chartered Institute)

Rukmaji Ramanujan

(CEO, 3G Learning Initiatives)

Ketan Vyas

(CEO, 3G e-Learning)

Nitesh Salvi

(CEO, 3G Test Prep)

Anup Pandey

(CEO, Plancess)

Dr Basil Thomas

(Vice-President - Operations & Strategy)

Dr Dinesh K Sadayakumar

(Director - HR)

Dr Ibrahim bin Muhammad

(Product Manager, Project 3g)

Dr Mohammed Sadath

(Director - 3G Test Prep)

Anoop G K

(COO, 3G TechnoHub)

Pradeep Kannankodu

(Curriculum Architect, 3G App)

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